Strength and cardio adult classes combining weight and cardio training. These classes are programmed to provide you variety in your workouts and to create proper muscle confusion. Each class is unique in style and taught by one of our talented instructors to help you reach your goals!

1:1 Personal Training

Working with one of the evo personal trainers will help you get started on the path towards achieving your fitness goals. With an evo personal trainer you will discuss and set your goals, receive a personalized training plan and be held accountable to your goals.

Small Group Training

Our small group training enables you to still have tailored programs and is perfect for anyone who feeds off community engagement and the excitement of working out with other people, but also want to push themselves and hit their goals with the help of a Professional. Small groups are typically limited to three to four clients.

evo SP (Sports Performance)

We have recently expanded into the West Chester area. Our trainers strive to build better athletes, challenge and maximize every athlete’s potential. We work with athletes early in their sport journey all the way up to the elite professional level. Our programs are unique integrating field mimicking game play, speed and agility and strength training. Our coaches have your best interest at heart and you’ll train alongside like-minded athletes pursuing excellence. We offer turf rental, football coaching rental. Through our evo Baseball program, we offer baseball net rentals for perusal training and baseball coach rentals of nets.

evo CrossFit®

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement, done at high intensity. evo CrossFit programming is through our affiliation with CrossFit Mayhem which is the exact program the Mayhem team in Cookeville develops and use. CrossFit uses the most effective movements from gymnastic / body weight movements, weightlifting, as well as rowing running and biking and we push ourselves to get better each day. Using SugarWOD you will have the option to record all your times and/or reps and compete against other athletes in the program at evo CrossFit.

evo Nutrition

Through a certified nutrition coach, we offer personal attention and a personalized nutritional program to provide you the tools you need to make lifestyle changes in your eating habits. This program provides you nutritional guidance, meal suggestions, frequent check ins, meal suggestions, and much more.

evo Baseball

More information coming soon.

evo Recovery

Experience accelerated recovery by using our recovery zone before or after your workout and harnessing the power of cutting-edge commercial-grade therapy methods with products such as: red light therapy, compression therapy, and massage vibrating guns. Elevate your relaxation and recovery to bounce back faster and reach your peak performance fully revitalized.

evo Grappling

We are a school where students learn and practice the techniques and principles of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), a grappling-based martial art that emphasizes knowledge and leverage.

Our training environment is supportive and friendly, with a focus on learning and improving rather than competition or winning. Students of all levels and ages are welcome, from beginners who are just starting out to advanced practitioners who are looking to refine their skills.

evo Boxing

Learn how to box with experienced boxing trainers! Focus on technique and full body workouts. For all ages, and all levels! Full body and high energy workout ! Personal Training One on One Available!